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Image Zoom Widget

Add a zoom animation to images on hover with the Image Zoom Widget from Muse For You.

Before beginning to work with Image Zoom Widget, be sure to drag and drop the 'Image Zoom - Add First' widget onto your Adobe Muse website. It can be placed on Master Page as well.


Have multiple instances on one page


Each image with unique zoom options must have a unique instance number. Scroll down to see multiple zoom effects in action.

After placing the Add First widget at the top of your website, drag the 'Image Zoom' widget from the library panel (Window > Library) and place onto your Adobe Muse website.

Open widget options. Set the instance number in the “Instance” section. Each image with unique zoom options must have a unique instance number. If there are multiple images with the same zoom options they can have the same instance number.

In examples below, each image has unique zoom options, thus unique instance numbers.

Add an image in the 'Image' section. Here you can set the fitting of the image and the position on the X and Y axis.


Setting Zoom options and what's what


Open widget options. In 'Zoom Options' section, you can set zoom scale, speed, easing, and cursor type. For the zoom scale 1 is the original size of the image. Anything greater than 1 will have the image zoom in, and anything less than 1 will have the image zoom out.

You can choose whether to contain zoom within image container by selecting the 'Contain Zoom' option. Otherwise, you will have the image zoom out of the widget container.

Enable the 'Move on Hover' option if you want image movement on mouse over.

Choose from 30 different cursor types form Image Zoom widget from the 'Cursor Type' drop-down in 'Zoom Options' section. Scroll Down to Preview

Widget Resizing

and Responsive Behavior



Image zooms on tap in touch devices

You can resize the widget as per your needs via built-in Adobe Muse 'Resize' Option. Here you can set it to responsive width, responsive width and height, stretch to browser width, or none. Responsive and browser pinning for the widget works the same way as any other element on your Adobe Muse website.

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