Welcome to the File Uploader Widget

Add a File Uploader Form to your Adobe Muse website that allows visitors to upload files from your Adobe Muse website.

Drag the 'File Uploader' widget from the Library Panel (Window > Library) and place onto your Adobe Muse website. You can change the width of the widget via built-in Adobe Muse 'Resize' option in the upper toolbar. Its height can be changed within the widget options.

How to use the widget?


Important: In 'Accepted Files' field, separate the file extensions with a comma. For example, if you would like the site visitors to upload only a pdf, a jpeg, and/or an audio file, you should type like this:
application/pdf, image/jpeg, audio/mp3

You can find the File MIME Type here:

Drag your files here to upload

You can only upload a '.pdf' and/or a '.docx' file. Each file's size should not exceed 1Mb.

After placing the widget onto the canvas, open widget options. In 'Accepting Files' section, you can set the maximum number of files a visitor can upload, maximum files size (in Mb), and accepted file types. You can also allow/disallow the 'Remove/Cancel Upload' option in this section.

In 'Styling' section, you can completely customize the font size and color, file uploader height, its background color, border color, border radius, and border width. You can choose from 8 different border types - solid, dotted, dashed, and more.

To change the font type, simply select the widget and go to the built-in Adobe Muse 'Text' option where you can choose any web font.

What to do after styling the widget


You will need an FTP client, for example FileZilla, to receive the files uploaded by your site visitors.

After styling the widget with the widget options, publish your website and make it go live.

Log in to your FTP server and find the directory to the page where 'File Uploader' widget is located. Then, drag and drop the 'upload.php' file into that same directory.

Click here for the preview image of how the FileZilla directory should look

In this directory, create a folder named 'Uploads', and done! Now any files user adds to the File Uploader widget will show up in this folder.

Be sure to use only one instance of File Uploader on one page. Otherwise, the styling will be overridden.

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